Dated Released : 29 March 2013
Quality : BluRay 720p
Info :
IMDB Rating : 5.5 (244 users)
Star : Ye Liu, Hanyu Zhang, Bo Huang
Genre : Action | Comedy | Drama


During Second Sino-Japanese War, China suffered from cholera outbreak because Japanese uses it as an biological weapon. Four Chinese agents captures a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogate them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula.

The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel is a 2013 Chinese comedy film[1][2] directed by Guan Hu, starring Liu Ye, Zhang Hanyu and Huang Bo. The film is meant to be “mass entertainment”, in the words of Guan, who also co-wrote the screenplay.[3] The film is set in 1942, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Much of the plot[4] revolves around the fates of two Japanese scientists who are captured in Beiping (Beijing) by the three titular characters, who have trouble deciding what to do with them.


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