Dated Released : 18 December 2015
Quality : BluRay 720p
Info :
IMDb Rating : 6.6 (543 users)
Star : Angelababy, Kun Chen, Keith Collea
Genre : Action, Horror


At the beginning of the 1990s, famous tomb explorer Hu Bayi decided to retire with his fiancée Shirley. But before his wedding, Bayi discovers his first love Ding Shitian, who had supposedly died 20 years ago, is actually still alive.

Mojin: The Lost Legend (previously titled The Ghouls)[4] (English: Touching Gold: The Lost Legend)[5] is a 2015 Chinese action adventure fantasy thriller film based on the novel Ghost Blows Out the Light.[6] It is being directed by Wuershan and produced by Chen Kuo-Fu. The film was released on December 18, 2015.


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